"I came to Body and Mind wanting results and I got way more than I expected. Not only did I quit smoking after 40 years (2-3 packs a day) I also received other health benefits too. My sleep apnea has also seemed to go away. When I go out to places where people smoke I don't even notice the smell. My friends can hardly believe I'm the same person that smoked so much and stopped without any desires. I have tried everything in the past to stop smoking, including laser, group hypnosis, acupuncture, the patch, zyban, special gum, cold turkey, all of it without results. I found this to be the BEST and ONLY thing available that was personable and cared about my success. If you want to quit smoking DON'T waste your time and money on all the things that don’t work like I did. Had I known about this program before and all the benefits I would have done this years ago! This is by far the BEST investment I have ever made in my life.
Take my advice THIS WORKS and I strongly recommend it to you now."

"This really works from DAY 1! It was quick and easy. I tried everything else, nothing worked. I have NO urges or desires for a cigarette after 40 years. I am more calm and relaxed than ever before. You have to try it to believe it. I am so glad that I did."

"Rick, Well this is what you have been waiting hear. I DID IT AND AM DOING IT! As you know when I came to you it was pretty much my last hope of quitting and Saturday will be six weeks, but it might as well be six years the way I feel now. I remember when I first called and I was assured that this would be IT; of course I was skeptical. I previously have tried every other method known to quit on the spot, but no. Since I was first diagnosed (cancer) it has taken fifteen years for me to really quit. Thanks to you it IS possible. I also want to thank you for the phone call in answer to my fears about traveling to New Orleans, that meant a lot and did the trick. I also know that if I need a kick in the butt you will be there for me.
Again, THANKS!"

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