Rick Saruna is clinical director of Body and Mind in Windsor Ontario. He has been helping people since the 1990s with creating changes in thoughts, thinking and behaviors. Since he works with the subconscious he is able to create long lasting change at a deep level.

Many people come to Body and Mind to see Rick Saruna for emotional issues such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt. These also include related physical issues due to stress, anxiety and even depression. The processes used by Rick Saruna involve his unique Rapid Emotional Release (a technique he developed) that works with lifting the stuck emotional issue. Many times without even having to talk about it until you are ready.

Rick Saruna is also a Victim Services approved counsellor and works with some high profile trauma and victims of crime. His techniques work and they work in many cases quickly. The key is always finding the real issue(s). Rick Saruna is known for his no non sense approach and ability to see where the real issues are located.

Body & Mind offers individual and family counselling for all issues. If you are not sure all you have to do is ask. Many health professionals use Rick because he is caring and compassionate and his experience is shown with his confidence when dealing with sensitive and emotional issues.

Body & Mind clinic is also well known and respected for their Quit Smoking Program. The smoking cessation program consists of a unique process not offered anywhere else. It is Laser, Hypnosis and support. Laser is a cool light noninvasive and relaxing as it actually reduces nicotine craving. We combine this with a therapeutic hypnosis process to help you change your thoughts of smoking. It I then supported with ongoing visits to make sure you are confident in your new nonsmoking lifestyle.

Body & Mind is also well known for its Weight Loss Programs.  It also is a combination of Laser and Hypnosis. The laser is similar to the smoking but different points are used to increase metabolism. Laser is done as needed the help stimulate metabolism and also helpful in removing sugar cravings.

Hypnosis is then used to help create new points of reference and allow the subconscious to allow you to make the right choices. Hypnosis is calming and relaxing and is excellent in removing stress. So people report back how well they are sleeping and now feeling. Also it needs to be mentioned that anyone can be hypnotized that is willing to be hypnotized.

Rick Saruna also does coaching and works with many top business people to remove stress and help them accomplish their goals. Corporate talks are available and demonstration of the mind will be demonstrated.

If you are looking for personal training or for small groups we can accommodate you. This would also hypnosis training for anyone that is looking to become a hypnotist.

Check – StressFree.net for more info or call Body & Mind – 519-948-0078.