Body and Mind in Windsor in a full-time therapy practice that is also Windsor’s top rated hypnosis specialist. Rick Saruna clinical director has trained in hypnosis for many years and has worked with 1,000’s of people.

Hypnosis itself is widely misunderstood and the results are almost magical although it is not magic. Hypnosis is a very natural and normal state that most people do not realize they slip into many many times throughout the day. It’s that place right before sleep although it is not sleep. People may look like they are sleeping but your mind is very active.

Many people when they are hypnotized by a trained professional hypnotist may even wonder if they were actually hypnotized because it feels so natural. Everyone can be hypnotized that is willing. Yes everyone, although they say the smarter you are the easier it is to experience this deep relaxing state of the subconscious mind.

So if you live in the Windsor, Ontario then Body & Mind can help you with just about whatever issue you would like to work on. For some it is stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety responds very well to hypnosis and the overall relaxation effect.

Quitting Smoking and Weight Loss are probably the top 2 reasons people seek out hypnosis. We also combine weight loss and quit smoking with a laser process that makes an amazing increase in success. If you would like to lose weight or stop smoking we can help you.

Rick Saruna is the area’s top hypnotists trained in clinical hypnosis as well as Comedy Stage Hypnosis. This type of comedy hypnosis is much different than stage show hypnosis. Many people think that stage show hypnotists are great in a clinical situation and this is just not true. Always seek someone that has strong clinical experience and has been trained properly.

Rick Saruna has trained with some of the best over the years and now trains people to become certified as well. We offer Certified Hypnosis Training for those that would like to learn more to enhance what they do or perhaps even to change career paths.

Hypnosis has actually been shown to get much quicker results than most other types of therapies. So if you are looking to create some changes in thought and also behaviors we welcome you to call us to book an appointment and see how hypnosis can help you. Call Body and Mind in Windsor Ontario at  519-948-0078 today!