Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Windsor, Ontario, 2017: It is the same for most people and it is repeated year after year. Every New Year 90% of all people set some sort of New Year’s resolutions. Yet, 92% of those resolutions will fail and here is why. Shooting for the moon can become so overwhelming and stressful that success seems […]

Windsor’s Fulltime Hypnosis Practice

Body and Mind in Windsor in a full-time therapy practice that is also Windsor’s top rated hypnosis specialist. Rick Saruna clinical director has trained in hypnosis for many years and has worked with 1,000’s of people. Hypnosis itself is widely misunderstood and the results are almost magical although it is not magic. Hypnosis is a […]

Rick Saruna – Body & Mind Clinical Director

Rick Saruna is clinical director of Body and Mind in Windsor Ontario. He has been helping people since the 1990s with creating changes in thoughts, thinking and behaviors. Since he works with the subconscious he is able to create long lasting change at a deep level. Many people come to Body and Mind to see […]

Body and Mind Quit Smoking with Laser and Hypnosis

The best thing any smoker could possibly do is quit smoking. Since smoking is the number one avoidable cause of death in the world its importance cannot be more over estimated. Most people that try to quit smoking fail miserably because most methods just do not work. The issue that arises with smoking cessation is […]

About Rick Saruna

Body and Mind Natural Health Clinic is located in Windsor Ontario. The clinic specializes many different types of treatments and techniques helping people with a variety of issues, problems and situations. Well known for its results in some of the most difficult and unusual cases because of their experience and knowledge. Rick Saruna is the […]